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Listed below are services to enhance your online experience. These services apply to all Internet accounts (dialup, DSL, and ISDN).


End User Control Panel (EUCP)
The EUCP gives the end users more control over their personal accounts.

EUCP Features:
    • Change personal information and password.
    • Add/change/delete child accounts. (coming soon)
    • Add/change/delete services (content filtering, parental control).
    • Add/delete spam and virus.
    • Add/change/delete aliases.
    • Add/change/remove parental control blocks/
    • Add/change/remove content filters.
    • Links to web ftp (no second log-in)
    • Information for any owned virtual domains.

To access the EUCP go to: http://myaccount.yadtel.net

Email Services:
Email has become a common form of communication for everyone from business people to grandparents and children. Yadkin Valley offers the most robust services available. Supported protocols include: webmail, POP and virtual email and more.

Email Forwarding: This will allow end-users to have email forwarded from accounts within YVT service to other accounts which could include; email within a different domain, a different account within the end-user’s domain or another email service entirely.

Domain Dropbox: This gives the end-user the opportunity to parse email messages delivered to a single email account to other recipients from the single dropbox. This is for the end-users that want more control over email distribution within their domain.

SMTP Relay: Some end-users may want to maintain their own email server and have their own domain, so this requirement is delivered through SMTP relay. YVT routes all emails with SMTP relay from the public server to the end-user’s private server for administration and additional distribution. All routing on the end-user’s server is their responsibility.

Virtual Email Accounts: End Users may have specific requirements for multiple email addresses and virtual email accounts accomplish this need. YVT provides these end-users the ability to alias general accounts such as info@widgets.com or sales@widgets.com to a real person such as bob@widgets.com.

Video Email: Yadkin Valley is leading the industry in implementing the new and exciting video email service. Now end-users can record video messages directly from their webmail interface and instantly email them. Our Videomail is a completely integrated service. Three mouse clicks is all that is required to record and send a message (you must have access to, or own, a web cam to use this service). Children or parents can send personal and visual messages to relatives anywhere. Business associates can share ideas in an incredibly expressive visual manner. Our video mail is fully integrated and easy to use. There is no need for the user to understand the multimedia settings on their computer. Now you can send video birthday cards or share videos on any number of business related subjects.

Virus Protection
The amount of damage viruses can do to an individual computer or network range from annoying to catastrophic. Viruses have gone from being an annoyance to being highly sophisticated, dangerous, and malicious. Therefore, they must be dealt with seriously, constantly and vigilantly.
The Parental Control and Business Control tools activate all virus filtering down to the account level. A message will be sent to both the sender, and the recipient of infected email.

    • All incoming email messages pass through the virus filters,
       those identified as being infected are placed in a Virus
       greymail area.
    • The infected portion of the email is removed prior to being
       stored in the greymail area, and users are able to read the
       text-based content of the email message
    • The sender of the email is also sent a message that a virus
       has been detected in their email.
    • The receiving user has the option of receiving a message
       whenever a virus has been sent to the greymail area.

The Greymail system is a quarantine area for both spam messages, and messages that are infected with a virus. Users of the Greymail system may forward messages to their inbox, modify spam and virus settings, view statistics, manage whitelists and blacklists, and more. These are a few of the functions that help customers manage their undesirable emails.

The Greymail system will be accessible via the new account management portal which will be located at http://myaccount.yadtel.net. This account management tool will allow you to check usage, change passwords, manage your spam and virus settings, and more. To log into the account management portal, you will use your standard username and password.

Spam Filters Features:
    • All incoming messages pass through the system.
    • Email identified as SPAM are placed in a SPAM and Virus,
       user reviewable, greymail area.
    • Messages left in the greymail area are automatically
       purged in 14 days.
    • Users are given the opportunity to mark email sources from
       the SPAM list if they were improperly tagged, which will allow
       them to avoid being flagged in the future.
    • End-users can choose their level of spam filtering which ranges
       from Regular to High, as well as Content Based filtering.

Web Based Content Filtering - $5.00 per month
Parents realize the power of the Internet as an educational and communication tool for their children, but they are equally concerned about the darker side of the Internet. Using the Clean Sweep content filtering service, we can provide a safe and controlled environment for our children.

Using Clean Sweep, parents can now rest assured their children are safe by restricting specific categories of Internet sites from being accessed. Easy to use controls specify which categories should be filtered, enabling each end-user to create a service offering tailored to the exact needs of their community. Parents can now use Clean Sweep to block activities such as:
    • Internet searches of objectionable terms.
    • Accessing specific websites or categories of websites
    • Downloading files and FTP access from problem sites or accessing
       newsgroups on specific categories of subjects.

Simple content filtering solutions filter on specific words or phrases. The following categories can be used by our end-users to create custom filters: Alcohol, Alternative Journals, Anarchy, Chat, Criminal Skills, Cults/Gothic, Drugs, Employment, Entertainment, Financial, Gambling, Games, Hate and Discrimination, Humor, Lifestyle, News, Obscene/Tasteless, Opinion, Politics and Religion, Personals/Dating, Pornography, Self-Help, Shopping.

Clean Sweep does not require the installation of any software on an end-user’s computer. To access the Content and Parental Control features: Go to the web browser and type in http://myaccount.yadtel.net, then type in your username and password. You will see the Home page with your account information. On the left hand side of this page you will have different options under "HOME". You can click on the Content/Parental Control to view these settings or make any changes.

The Content Filter section will allow you to apply certain filters to your account for web surfing. The check box labeled "Filter Enabled" must first be checked, and then one of the filters listed below it must be chosen. To activate this change, you must first click the "Save" button then log off, wait thirty minutes, and then log back in. There is a $5.00 per month charge added to your bill when you enable this feature

Parental Control:
This tool is one of the most innovative solutions for helping parents make the Internet safer for their children. Parents can now limit the time children are on the Internet to specific blocks of time on a specified days.

Customer will need to create a dialup profile with the following information.
Dial up number:
1-888-903-7662 (there will be a charge of $0.15 per minute for using this number.
Username: example@yadtel.net (you must use your full email address)

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Nationwide Roaming Access Number

$0.15 per minute


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