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How to Set Up Outlook Express Email Accounts

Click here to download this tutorial for reference. (pdf 1.1Mb.)

Before you can use Outlook Express to send and receive e-mail, you need to set up an account. You can have more than one account—for business, online shopping, and so on—and each person who uses your computer may have their own, completely separate account.

  1. Start Outlook Express and, on the Tools menu, click Accounts.
If the Internet Connection Wizard starts up automatically, skip ahead to step 3.

2. If the Internet Accounts window appears, click Add, and then click Mail to open next page.

3. The Your Name page of the internet connection wizard will now appear. In the space beside "Display name," type your name as you want it to appear to everyone who gets e-mail from you, and then click Next.

4. The Internet E-mail Address page will appear next. Type your e-mail address, which may also be referred to as your username, and then click Next.

5. On the E-mail Server Names page, fill in the information as it you see it here, and then click Next.

6. The Internet Mail Logon page is next. Type in your account name and password.

Note: If you’re concerned about break-ins to your e-mail, click on the check in the Remember Password box to clear it. You’ll then be prompted for the password each time you send or retrieve mail.

Click Next.

You have now successfully set up your email account. Click Finish.

8. Next, you will need to set up your SMTP Authentication. The Internet Accounts page will reappear on the screen. Click on Properties.

9. Under General, type in your Name and Full Email Address. Click Apply. Then, click on the Servers tab.

10. The Server Information should appear as it does here. Type in your full email address and password, then check the box "My server requires authentication." Click Apply, then click on Settings.

11. The Outgoing Mail Server window will appear. Type in your full username, which is your full e-mail address, and your password. Then click OK.

12. Close the Internet Accounts window, then go to your Inbox.

You're ready to send your first email!

Technical Information

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Outgoing Mail Server

Incoming Mail Server

News Server

Web Server

E-mail on the web

The above information applies to all Internet accounts.

Click here to view and print the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.